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Switzerland is bidding FOR MEN'S EHF EURO 2026/28

New Heights For Handball

New Heights For Handball
New Heights For Handball

Reaching new heights for handball on a national and international level is our vision for the EHF EURO in Switzerland!

It can be traced back to one of our nation's greatest prides: Our impressive mountains. 14 out of Europe’s 20 highest mountains are located within the national territory of Switzerland. This geo-graphical feature is deeply rooted within our identity since thousands of years.

We enable a perfectly organised tournament viewed from the sporting side. The participating nations will find perfect conditions for their way up to the European top. In addition, the carefully planned surrounding will ensure that the tournament will be a great experience for EHF, fans, media, EHF Marketing partners and all people who are in contact with this event.

International Switzerland is the perfect place for handball enthusiasts to celebrate a big handball festival: Every guest can feel at home when coming to Switzerland due to cultural diversity, four official languages and the geographical location in the heart of Europe. 25% of Swiss residents are “officially” foreigners.

To fully publicise the event and to attract the largest possible number of partners and sponsors to participate and support the EURO and handball in general, we will implement an ambitious marketing plan based on a strong advertising and communication platform.

Switzerland is the perfect place to help handball reaching new heights!

Switzerland at a Glance

New Heights For Handball

In the heart of Western Europe lies Switzerland, which is traditionally not an EU country but nevertheless has close cultural and economic ties with the European Union. Multilingualism and cosmopolitanism are the hallmarks of the Swiss.

Switzerland has proven experience as a reliable host of major events. Not only because of the great importance of tourism are the Swiss used to receiving guests from all over the world. Large, international indoor and outdoor events from the fields of culture, business, science and especially sport regularly take place in Switzerland. The Women’s EHF EURO 2024 is just a blink away!

New Heights For Handball

1974 was the founding year of the Swiss Handball Federation SHF, which today has around 21,000 licensed players. In addition to the national teams and the national tasks, we as a federation also manage and unite our two top leagues as well as the seven regional associations. A team of around 20 qualified full-time employees works devotedly to the successful development of the sport. Supplemented, of course, by countless volunteers who are the heart of our sport.

The Swiss Handball Federation is ready to welcome the participating teams and their representatives, the EHF, the EHF marketing partners, the fans, the media, the volunteers and all other parties involved in the EHF EURO in Switzerland in 2026 or 2028.

Climbing the Peak:
Competition Structure

Competition Structure

A Warm Invitation
From our Host Cities

Host cities

Our venues Basel, Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich are ready and highly motivated to contribute to the success of the EHF EURO 2026 or 2028!

The attractiveness of the four cities is appreciated not only by the locals but also by several million overnight visitors every year. The cities themselves and their location in the middle of a breathtaking landscape make it easy to put together an attractive programme - from a handball enthusiast's point of view - in our five arenas, but also to offer a great programme during the days without matches. In addition, the cities are located in close proximity and are perfectly connected.



Basel, a traditional Swiss city, has everything needed to organise European Championships that can cater to a wide range of interest groups. Located in the centre of the idyllic border triangle of France, Germany and Switzerland, lying in the heart of Europe, it is easily accessible.



Geneva as the second largest Swiss city has a lot to offer as host city of the EHF EURO 2026 or 2028. Apart from its breath-taking location at the foot of the Alps and on the shores of the lake, Geneva offers very good accessibility and extremely attractive conditions for visitors from all over the world in terms of hotels, gastronomy, leisure and culture.



Lausanne, located only 60 km from Geneva, offers ideal conditions as a venue for the EHF Euro 2026 or 2028. It is undisputed that "Switzerland's smallest major city" scores with its spectacular location and many attractions for guests, fans, athletes and media people. But for a city of its size, Lausanne has sports facilities and event venues that are beyond compare.



Zurich is surrounded by several mountain ranges and offers spectacular views of the Swiss Alps. With a vibrant cultural scene, impressive nature and an urban lifestyle, Zurich is a little paradise in the middle of Europe, which is appreciated by residents and visitors equally.

The Venues


Basel, St. Jakobshalle

  • Spectators’ Capacity: 5,000
  • Distance to Airport: 12 km
  • Parking Spaces: 1,400

Geneva, Palexpo

  • Spectators’ Capacity: 18,000
  • Distance to Airport: 1 km
  • Parking Spaces: 5,500

Lausanne, Vaudoise aréna

  • Spectators’ Capacity: 9,700
  • Distance to Airport: 60 km
  • Parking Spaces: 140

Zurich, Hallenstadion

  • Spectators’ Capacity: 11,200
  • Distance to Airport: 6.5 km
  • Parking Spaces: 50

Zurich, SwissLife Arena

  • Spectators’ Capacity: 12,000
  • Distance to Airport: 21 km
  • Parking Spaces: 70
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